Sewing Class

Friday’s 10am-12pm ( pending)

Sewing Class 2021

Sewing class, and as the old saying goes your first items made gift on.

I was the lucky RECIPENT to receive.

Thank you for my taonga

Greatly Appreciated.

Sewing Class 2020

Sewing class in Rata Vine, very productive and a lot of fun.

See you's all next week.

Thanks Heather.

Sewing Class 2019

Sewing Class in Rata Vine, as usual a lot of learning fun and laughter.

See you's all next week.

Thanks Heather.

Sewing Class 2018

Term One

Gorgeous garments are being made every week we have more spaces available if you'll like to join.

Sewing Class 2017

May - December 2017

RaWiri would like to acknowledge Sew Simple for being an awesome TUTOR...

Ladies making Bags, Pencil cases, Scarves, Toilet roll holders, Head bands and Scrunchies, Beanies, shorts.

Sewing class today was absolutely amazing our talented ladies made various items from bags, shorts and skirts.

Thank you Heather for our lovely gift.

Thank you Heather from Sew Simple.