What we Achieved

As part of this process, in 2007 HNZC identified Rata Vine as the site for community renewal and revitalization' one of the HNZC Houses was renovated into a community house and as a base for community renewal programme staff.


  • In 2008 the RataVine Residents Association was formed

  • In 2008 Rata Vine residents worked with HNZC to help design and install the fence around the community house. Each paling in the fence was designed by local resident;

  • In 2008 a community vegetable garden was established and continues to thrive

  • In 2009, 450 adults and children from Rata Vine marched with lanterns from Wiri Central School to the new community house to show that the community was finally safe;

  • A RaWiri Safety Patrol comprising of local volunteers was established

  • In 2009 a tool library hiring lawnmowers and other gardening equipment for a small fee was established. In turn this has enable increased maintenance and care of properties

  • In 2009 a community mural was erected on a park fence in Rata Vine and 2010 a mural on the Great South road side of the community house was designed and made by local children

  • In 2009 the children from Rata Vine presented Mayor Brown with a mural showing their hopes and dreams for their community. The mural was hang in the entrance to the Manukau City Council Chambers, so whenever we meet as Council we will see the Rata Vine children,s mural

  • In 2010 an after-school computer center for homework and educational games, and it became a pilot site for the Life Game Project-a collaborative effort between 80 local IT leaders that aims to use IT in the form of games, to foster the development of life skills and positive lifestyle choices; and

  • From 2009-2012 increased pride in being from Rata Vines growing social cohesion as a result of numerous community events, whanau days and celebrations

All of this has encouraged more residents 'coming out of their houses' to get involved