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Manukau Courier 13th January 2015


Stay safe: From left: Elle Tuala and baby Jesaiah, Chiann Dennis, Louisa Wall, Francis Pesamino, Thomas Pesamino and Elizabeth Kiriona hope the new Wiri road safety mural will keep kids safe.

Keeping kids safe on a dangerous stretch of road is the key aim behind a new community project. 

The Ra Wiri Residents Association has teamed up with Wiri Central School, the Wiri Neighbourhood Policing Team, Manukau Beautification Trust, Housing New Zealand and families in the community to tell drivers to ‘‘slow down’’. 

Association co-chairperson Elle Tuala worked closely with artists Francis Pesamino and Daniel Tautua who painted a 41 metre long mural on the corner of Rata Vine Drive and Great South Rd to highlight the message. 

Tuala says the project is also aimed at educating children on being safe and responsible pedestrians. 

She says the message is very important as children have been injured crossing the road in the area. 

‘‘We see a lot of kids crossing the intersection instead of using the lights . . . so we took on this initiative as we want to keep them safe.’’ Manurewa MP Louisa Wall cut the ribbon to unveil the mural. 

Tuala says kids of all ages and their parents joined in the painting to complete the work over a number of weekends. 

‘‘It was particularly good to see the community come out and have fun for such an important cause.’’

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