RaWiri Residents Association are Proudly Supported by:
We deeply thank all our supporters whom have been with us through our Journey, and we will continue to thrive. It has been a pleasure and honor to to work alongside such tremendous organizations, their staff  and everyone else who have been very supportive in helping us to reach our vision.

Colleen Brown

Colleen Brown – a former Manukau City Councillor and current Local Board member and Counties Manukau District Health Board member has been involved with the Rata Vine Wiri community since becoming involved in local body politics some 14 years ago. She loves the strong feeling of community and the can-do attitude of the people who live in the area and it has given her great pleasure to help wherever she can. With a ton of experience behind her she has good networks that can support the community if and when required.

The best thing she has seen is the growth of community leaders who are determined to support their community in the best way they know how.

Inspiring Co
Championing Community-Led Development
Our places, our people, our future - better together

Jenny Chilcott 

For more information go to Inspiring Communities Website Click Here

Youth and Events with Counties Manukau Sports

               Kerri Wells                    Simon   
Jeff Mooney
Counties Manukau Sports contributed a huge part for the 2012 Streetball. RaWiri Trail Blazers Slam Dunk. View Website Click Here                                                 

Diabetes Projects Trust - Gardens4Health
The benefits of food gardening
The Garden4Health are designing a new Concept for RaWiri Community Garden
Meet the Team

For more information go to Gardens4Health Website Click Here

David Avery                     Homer XU
 Richard Main                    The Team

Housing New Zealand Corporation
We would like to thank Housing New Zealand Staff for all their support. 2007 HNZC identified Rata Vine as the site for community renewal and revitalization' one of the HNZC Houses was renovated into a community house and as a base for community renewal programme staff.

                    Julia Tau                        Noelene Tou
                   Greg Freeman

Neighbor Power
It was a pleasure to have Jim Diers meet with the Team at the RaWiri Community House

Featuring Resources for Building Strong Communities

For more information go to Jim Diers Website Click Here

One of the lovely Clevedon ladies

                                Annie Martin Cooking Tutor
Life Games Project
                    Owen McCall                   Raju Banik 
Owen McCall
Creating World Class IT Teams
I believe in the power of technology to make a difference for businesses, communities, families and my aim is to support CIO,s to create world class IT teams that lead change and deliver value from technology investments

For more information go to Owen McCall Website Click Here

Raju Banik
I am International student here. I am studying National Diploma in Computing Level 5 from International College of Auckland.
Working part time as Computer Technician in Precision Computer services

Manukau Maori Wardens

Meet the team
                                                        Witeria Tawhiao

Manukau Maori Wardens are very passionate and dedicated to the work they do in and around the community.In 2011 Manukau Maori Wardens along with Maori Wardens from around the north island answered a national call for help when the earthquake hit Christchurch the wardens were in Christchurch for three and a half months dealing with distraught families doing house visits and delivering food to people around Christchurch looking after our old people who were left to defend for themselves and needed medical attention the wardens learnt fast to adapt to the environment, there was no food no water no power wardens learnt new skills And returned to their home towns with a better understanding of Aroha ki te tangata.

Garden to Table
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